Our Rapid City gym serves the fantastic community of Rapid City, South Dakota!

The county seat of Pennington County, Rapid City and the surrounding area is known for these great features and attractions:

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Are we one of the best Rapid City gyms?

Yes, we believe we are.

Strike that. We have no doubt we are the very BEST GYM IN RAPID CITY, SD for you!

Here’s why…

Everything we do revolves around changing lives. It’s the crux of our mission.

It drives us to deliver a gym experience that goes above and beyond what any other gym offers.

It focuses our efforts on making your fitness journey something you enjoy so much that you never lose your way during your fitness journey.

It pushes us to deliver great results—the kind of fat-loss and fitness results you don’t get anywhere else!

A testament to our fitness formula is the 90% utilization rate of our members at our gyms. This crushes by a mile the standard fitness industry rate of only 20% of people actually using their gym membership.

Other gyms in Rapid City, SD and elsewhere just can’t compete with this result.

Another result that stands out is the many thousands of pounds of weight our members have lost across the Midwest!

We have changed many lives, and we are ready to change yours too.

In fact, we believe you are a champion inside…and it’s our job to chip away at any physical and mental baggage you have to let that champion come out.

As you can see, we’re more than just another one of the gyms in Rapid City, South Dakota. We are the one gym in Rapid City with the greatest passion and proven fitness formula to give you the transformation and resulting confidence and happiness you deserve in your life!



Rapid City Gym Members DancingIf you have experience with other gyms in Rapid City, South Dakota, we challenge you to try us. We’re certain you’ll find us unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Here’s why.

As soon as you enter our front doors, you’ll get the VIP treatment. We’ll greet you with the respect and importance you deserve.

Then when you get to know us, you’ll love the judgement-free, supportive culture we intentionally cultivate. You’ll appreciate how you won’t need to feel self-conscious or nervous inside our fitness studio. From our coaches to our members, you’ll receive plenty of smiles, high-fives, and words of encouragement to keep working hard toward your fitness goals.

You’ll also love the 30-minute fat-burning fitness formula we’ve perfected over years of experience at our other gym locations. It’s worked miracles for thousands of people across the Midwest. We’ve brought that formula to our gym in Rapid City, SD, and you are the beneficiary of that.

What’s more, our workouts are like having a personal trainer—but at a fraction of the cost! That’s because even though our workouts are in a group setting, our coaches will modify each exercise to your unique abilities and needs. So, you’ll get a personal training experience and results, but with the benefit of having a close-knit group of fellow gym goers cheering you on to become the very best version of yourself! It’s just a fantastic value and experience all around!



When you first start with us, our fitness coaches will encourage you to go at your own pace. We’ve seen and heard about too many psycho trainers at other gyms who considered it a badge of honor to push new members so hard that they got sick or couldn’t move for days afterward. We don’t want you to have such a negative experience. A little soreness is good, but there’s no reason to jeopardize your health, safety, or continued motivation for any reason. Therefore, we’ll encourage you to take it easy at first and push you toward your transformation when you’re ready to step it up.

Our workouts are designed to be a blast, too! Our coaches bring so much energy, humor, and fun to every workout to inspire you to show up and stay motivated. Imagine coming to our Disco Fever or Holiday Party workouts! How could you not want to work out when it’s so much fun?

As well, get ready for the nutritional coaching you’ll receive. A poor diet will sabotage even the best workout regimen. But the nutritional component of our fat-burning fitness formula will help ensure you eat healthy meals that are also delicious and filling. No need to compromise on enjoyment of your meals!

Mindset coaching is another bonus of our fitness program. A negative self-image is no way to live a fulfilling life. And so we’ll work on your self-confidence and self-love to transform your mind as well as your body. The combination of mental and physical strength you’ll gain will help you to achieve the level of happiness you deserve in your life.

So, if you’ve tried other gyms in Rapid City, SD and didn’t get the experience or results you wanted, give us a try. Save money by taking advantage of one of our fitness specials. We’re so sure you’ll love the experience, that we’ll even guarantee it!



Gyms in Rapid City, South Dakota should be on notice. Our Rapid City Boot Camp has changed the fitness game for the folks of Rapid City, SD. The status quo is no longer good enough.

Here’s how we’ve changed the game:

  • Group fitness training that gives you all the benefits of personal training—but at a fraction of the cost
  • A fat-burning fitness formula that delivers proven results—and will work for you too, guaranteed!
  • Top-tier fitness coaches who will ensure your safety while pushing you toward your incredible transformation
  • Powerful mindset coaching to help you develop the self-confidence you need for a fulfilling life
  • Nutritional coaching for healthy but delicious and satisfying meals
  • A judgement-free community of fellow gym goers and coaches committed to supporting and encouraging you through the struggles and victories of your fitness journey!

So, when evaluating gyms in Rapid City, South Dakota, give our boot camp extra consideration. Over 90% of our members use their gym membership at our locations! When the industry average is just 20%, that should tell you everything you need to know about the experience and results we deliver.

In fact, you can save money with our fitness specials. We can’t wait to greet you with a smile at our Rapid City gym!



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